Being with a writer must be tough. I don't know; I've never been with one. But I've always been one.

Life with a writer is messy. It is an examination, an investigation…endless analysis and rare resolutions. A career as a writer is a constant plumbing of the subconscious, nods to the unconscious, a messy amalgam of deep, consistent insecurity and rampant overconfidence, massaged by an endless stream of ideas and poked by rejection. It is the excavation of memories, tumble dried low with regrets and rewrites. It is a utopian perspective in a pit of fears. It is expressing oneself the way no one else thinks to, and knowing that interpretation can be greeted with basiation or bewilderment. It is the pervasive knowing of words and terms acknowledged and embraced by a small community, a love affair with stringing them together and putting them in others' mouths. It is a desperate need to understand the ones that come out of your own.

Being with a writer must be tough.

Ashleigh Marie Brown