I revel in femininity and its unique lens. I'm fascinated by masculinity and its fragile thorns. I'm driven by humanity and its many folds, and nothing is more intriguing than the vast complexity of family dynamics.

Something about the American South delivers the truest version of me and for some reason, anything created from 1951-1975 has my full attention.

My work is an absolute reflection of my incessant observation and a testament to constant study of human nature, spiritual truth, and everyday magic.

I celebrate partnership. I put my stock in chivalry, romance, and the power of true love to heal. And, sex.

I die for big country breakfasts, Whole Foods' salad bar, and fresh movie theatre popcorn.

I recognize the total indispensability of bourbon and mascara.

I know for sure that a download will never be an album and a text will never be a letter.

I know for sure that if it lacks passion, I shift into reverse.

I trust in the road less traveled and usually take the long way around.

I will always champion creativity. I will always choose love.

I believe in miracles.